This screenplay/musical is a "spec", (and most of the music being in raw, demo form) meaning it is not been published or sold to a publisher. When it is accepted, it will no doubt undergo editing, re-recording, etc., and most likely will no longer be available on this site for the general public.  The reason this website was created was to put it out there to friends, and anyone else interested in reading/listening to it.  As for the music, some of it was written long before the musical was ever thought of.   Once the story line began, these earlier pieces just fit true to the story. The music was recorded in various studios, in different times throughout the country.  Those who do listen/read the musical will find this website extremely user friendly.  Simply read, and when you come to a song title just click on the arrow which will start the music.  You can read the lyrics while its playing, (you will also see character's direction within the lyrics, to get an idea of what is going on throughout the song). Your feedback is much desired.  You can do that through "contact us" you can also request a hard copy of the screenplay with a music CD, which is in the industry standard "Final Draft" format.

Our Story

(Jayn Chilton Parenti) During the mid-late 1960's, my brother (David Chilton) and I had a Christian Band out of Southern California called, "Children of Light".  Three other key members of our group were great friends, Mark House and Brad Hayton and Sue Fredrickson.  Much of our music was original, never published.  David and I co-wrote some of the songs, sitting on the beach - me with a pad of paper, David with his guitar. Children of Light was busy mostly on weekends for about three years, playing at various "coffee houses" quickly sprouting up throughout the Southern CA coast during those "Jesus People" days.  We would play, David would give some kind of talk between songs.  I was just a Junior in high school when our group stopped booking music, because my brother, four years my elder, opened our own coffee house in La Habra, called The Vine.  Now, we were hosting other bands in our place!  We also sang/played there.   

My High School experience began to get more involved, with Musical Theatre and many other school activities, and David was doing more preaching and counseling, so slowly, we naturally dissolved as a singing group.  I began to write more music on my own, always taking any new song directly to David for his "approval".  I remained  active in Theatre, Musical Theatre teaching and writing.  Eventually landing in recording studios, made several demos and finally was approached to do a tribute album to Andre Crouch's music which came out in 1983.

My brother, David went to be with the Lord in March of 1997.   Some of the songs in this musical are ones we sang in the sixties.  Some are songs I wrote throughout the years.  There are songs and styles from every decade of my life, so you will experience a different genre with each song.  I began writing this musical in the early 1980's when some of my songs began to tell a story.  Well, life got busy over the years, and finishing my musical became one of those projects that just never got done.  So how did that happen... finally?  Well it begins when my mother, Loisruth Chilton) passed away three years ago.  About a year after she was gone, my son Sam was helping me organize some things in my garage and came across some two inch studio tapes that I thought I had lost.  They contained my original recordings of three of the songs in this musical.  Sam opened the one on top, and inside was a piece of paper with this written in her beautiful handwriting:  
"Let us now be up and Doing, With a heart for any Fate.  
Still Achieving, still Pursuing, Learn to Labor and to Wait."

After reading that together, with tears in our eyes,  Sam said, "mom we need to finish your musical".  That was two years ago.  Since then, Sam and his wife, Kim, have worked tirelessly, helping me with research, recording and pushing me for my best. 

Final "thanks" to my sweet husband, Paul, for putting up with all the craziness getting through finishing up this, over-forty-year project!

We hope you will enjoy listening and reading.  Please let us know what you liked, and what you didn't.  By the way, I already know I took some "poetic liberty" with some historical facts.  Not when it comes to our Lord, of course, but a famous  Biblical character.  We call it the "Hitchcock Twist".  ~Jayn Chilton Parenti